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    Conquering the Cyber Waves
Imagine ...

You are @ work, constant pressure, commitments, meetings, concerns, a lot to be done ...
but suddenly you see on your computer screen an image:
The beautiful sailboat with inflated sails in the vastness of the blue sea! Proud, strong and beautiful!
suddenly your soul softens, your thought lost in deep blue. You feel the warmth of the sun on your body, tasting the salty sea, something of the magic of image releases the soul and mind. You feel full of energy, enthusiasm and strength.
You live the intensity but you feel safe because you have a good captain! And a very good sailboat! (1)
And you not afraid, you live the race with pride, strength and lasting youth. And you do not care about the result (2), it does not matter anymore, for you counts only the effort, the companionship and one common goal.

The days do not roll anymore boring because this image is in your mind and changes everything. And you returns to it (3) learning the news, the progress, because all of it is beautiful, healthy and gives you power, freedom, bliss (4).
Mental Associations
(1) good captain = confidence, knowledge, responsibility / ENCODE's Chief
strong hull = ENCODE's people, but knowledge and infrastructure.
(2) aim to attempt to generate the greatness of the race, so any case Winner
(3) information via Social Media
(4) positivity against an online world full of cruelty and terror so the confidence that only a strong Company can offer.
Photos by Nikos Zagas