Project Facemash
“Making of 101 beautiful faces smile.”
This is a lazy briefing about the process.
I am writing an article about the story behind the project in details. 
I will publish it at this month end along with my redesigned website.
The idea of the project is to select random people from my facebook friends list and draw his/her face and send it to them as a gift. I wished this project will make them smile at least for a fraction of a second. And it worked!
Seed of Thought

Long back when I was doing Pink Floyd songs illustration (Link), When it comes to “Wish you were here” song slide, I thought of drawing Sid Barrett portrait. I know it will be hard for me to draw the face and tried my best to come up with this slide.
It was not that great though, but this gave me a new idea to drawing portrait. – “Why don't I just draw the outline of the face with minimal facial features? It might help you to recognise the face.” 

To test this, I draw another portrait of King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah (King of Nepal) and a couple of friends. And Everyone liked it!

Planting the Seed

After that, for a long time, I got busy with official work and stopped illustration. Three months later, this project idea came to my mind. But to started, I faced a mental block to proceed the project. So to break the ice, I illustrated my friends face, and it was a good move. These are mine friends:

Watering the Plant

By enough support from my friends, I started with four random Facebook friends. And it took me around six months to complete the entire project.

“Thanks a lot to my dear friends for 
the support and motivation.”