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Last Day Highlights
Here we are: the fifth and last day of Begrade Behance Campus. We had a tight schedule today, ending with a crowded awards ceremony for the most shining stars across our workshops. Much has happened, and you can check out a full coverage if you keep scrolling. In a nutshell, today we honored the discipline of graphic design with workshops and a dynamic Spotlight presentation by prolific designers Braca Burazeri. To get a bit away from the haze, people could drop by the Nordeus Lounge and make the finished characters fight in the game made on-the-go.
It has been an honor being with all of you in this journey! Be sure to read till the end to have your curiosity piqued about one feature of the upcoming 99u Local Belgrade (September 2015; be sure to apply for a spot).
Portfolio Reviews: Graphic Design
–  Powered by UniBrand, EXTREME, FluidUI and   
Yesterday was all about photography - today, it's graphic design's turn. Again, three luminaries, holding three workshops, which this time were powered by three prominent industry leaders. One workshop was held by Milos Ilic, creative director of creative agency, part of the top-rated global advertising network TWBA. Powered by EXTREME - the "software in one place" license provider. Then, there was independent graphic design studio Lorem Ipsum from Belgrade, powered by UniBrand, one of Serbia's leading brand strategy consultancies. Finally, we had prominent designer and design scholar Borut Vild, who used to be the creative director of Belgrade's Center of Contemporary Art and one of the organizers of the conference Designer: Artist or Universal Soldier. Powered by our international partner Fluid UI mobile prototyping platform and infogr:am.
To all designers out there, we should tell that for the occasion of this Campus, UniBrand has announced a major competition for creatives, which will result in an internship and in possible hiring. Be sure to check out the brief right here.
Spotlight Presentation - Braca Burazeri
The very famous design duo Braca Burazeri (Serbian for something like "Brothers Bros") told their career, creativity and insights story in front of a very crowded audience here at Design Hub at MIKSER festival. Theirs is an exciting path of discovery and evolution. The Bros started out as graffiti writers, then went on to work for a TV network for a couple of years, until they established their own studio and, under this new solo career path, the popular fashion brand Dechkotzar. Characteristic of their work is an incredibly prolific production through the years.
Through a conversational, at times hilarious, but heavily insightful tone of their story, Braca Burazeri taught us that every experience is valuable. All you have to do is work hard and be ready to take the path onto which your creation is taking you.
Nordeus. Let them Fight!
It's done! Nordeus and their many guests have made their characters, who are now fighting on the screens of the Lounge.
All sorts of people, from age 4 to 40, have participated or have browsed around, curious about what was going on. You can see some of the end-results in the pictures below, and if you are creative who might love a place in the Nordeus family, remember they're hiring now, so go check it out.
THE GRAND FINALE. Awards Ceremony.
All good things eventually come to an end. In the glittering stage here at the crowded Design Hub, we celebrated the end of this year's Belgrade Behance Campus. Awards were given, goodbyes were said, and lots of smiles were immortalized on photo and video (be sure to also check out our Instagram for a more "insider" story).
Praise and Prizes

The worthy winners received praise - but also and prizes.
Each of the winners received a Behance coin, a token of appreciation commonly conferred at Behance Reviews events around the globe. Furthermore, our international partner - cool charts & infographics the easy way - gave free licenses for their software to the winners. FluidUI also donated licenses for software prototyping.
And since you can't be a great creative if you don't learn every single day, Gestalten bookstore gave some very cool design books to some of the winners. In particular, designers from Logo Exchange received Los Logos (7th ed.), the ultimate collection of great logos in history.
At the End of the Day
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an honor. And it's been helluva ride!
These five days have been an intense rollercoaster of learning, meeting up and, of course, fun. All under the aegis of creativity, our way of living, our muse.
From Lege Artists, one big, big Thank You to everybody who was part of the largest Behance Reviews event ever in history. Thanks to those who participated in our workshops and features, or those just wandering about. Thanks to our speakers and mentors, to our supporters and sponsors, and to Mikser for sharing these five days with us.
And don't forget the big news: the 99u local is coming to Belgrade. September 2015, and you can apply here. For now, we'll keep the juiciest details as a surprise, but it should suffice to say: it's going to be FUN!
For now, stay on alert on Twitter for the hashtag #CreativeClassSerbia and, if you can think of what it means to be live as a creative in our country and share it in 140 characters of so, just add the tag. That's all we can say for now ;)
All the best, people! Kepp dreaming, keep creating - and follow us for the freshest information on facebook, instagram and twitter.
Organizer: Lege Artists
Behance Host: Nenad Ivanovic
Project Managers: Bela Prendivoj and Dalia Cox
Branding: Mario Milojevic and Jovan Selakovic
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PR: Nina Milos
Videos: Milos Jaksic and Jelena Petrovic - NUT Studio
Photos: Sasa Nikolic, Ivica Ivanovic
Copywriting: Ivan Karaman
Support: Milena Murganic, Dusan Dacic, Ivan Prendivoj, Nikola Bibovic, Matija Rodic
Volonteurs: Tijana Mancev, Irena Ilic, Nikola Vukojcic, Tijana Milanović, Snezana Jeremic, Olga Gulan
Commercial: Alex Tselekidis
Motion Infographic: Mario Movement
Mentors: Lorem Ipsum, Milos Ilic, Borut Vild, Braca Burazeri
Partners for 3rd day: NordeusExtremeUniBrand, SAE Institute BelgradeFluiduiGestaltenInfogram, SuperDot
Take a moment to see MikserTV who made video report on the spot of :


Last Day Highlights Here we are: the fifth and last day of Begrade Behance Campus. We had a tight schedule today, ending with a crowded awards c Read More


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