Designing Goethe
Designing Goethe
Thinking Global Acting Local
This Project has been developed with my partner Andrey Neyman, during our third year
 Industrial Design studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
The client "Goethe Institute" has asked the students to re-design their Jerusalem branch.
The challenge was, creating a contemporary look that would reflect Goethe's brand identity, while finding creative solutions to local  needs and limitations.
Simplifying the space.
After analyzing daily movement scenarios within the space, we have re-constructed the space in a way that enables high accessibility to all its areas.
To support the space and the movement within it, we have developed a new line
of custom furniture.
Three "Island  pieces" are the main  representatives of the new design language.
Function in mind - The Islands allow modularity in assembly and manufacture so that
 they can feet different Goethe branches around the world.
Reception Island
Lounge Island
The sofas are constructed of a two-sided modul which can be assembled 
in many different ways, thus enabling usage in different spaces while keeping 
manufacturing costs down.
Coffee Island
The bar unit combines two functions based on the usage scenario.
One side is a coffee area where you can make yourself a drink or enjoy a snack,
while the other side is used a bar.
Design 4 manufacture
All of the furniture pieces have been planed to be assembled out of two components:
Extruded profile body frame and a "surface" that connects to it.
This approach enables local production for the "surface part",
 depending on local resources, industry and culture.
The body frame is produced in Germany and shipped to Goethe 
branches world-wide.
The Goethe Clock
A large window, located at the lounge area has been transformed to a digital solar clock.
The clocks form is our interpretation of the Goethe icon, it is seen from distance, 
immediately recognizable.
By using triple glazing solar based technology we are able to harvest local solar power and turn it into electricity that runs the clock.
Designing Goethe

Designing Goethe

This Project has been developed with my partner Andrey Neyman, during our third year Industrial Design studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts an Read More