The unconventional recipe book.
You will not find a written recipe in this book.
 This is because the dishes do not follow steps.
This book is without discipline/rules and is free for experimentation, for an artist.
Each recipe is an illustration.
Toss, mix and blend together each ingredient to create a three-course meal.
The recipes are super-quick and can be done in one step!
Have fun with it !
How to use the book.
There is no step-by-step recipe to any 
of these three dishes.
Cut, dice, shred, cube, grate do whatever you want 
with the ingredients to make a dish you would love.
Choose your garnish from the three choices as a subtle addition 
or a wacky flavour that changes the dish completely!
Go crazy!
Form -  Accordion Book
The Book
Layout Iterations
The brief was to design a recipe book within a 2 week duration.
The project was open ended and I decided to go for an unconventional design
where the recipes did not involve steps infact were rather interactive
with freedom of process and choice with garnishings.
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Recipe Book Design

Recipe Book Design

You will not find a written recipe in this book. This is because the dishes do not follow steps. This book is without discipline/rules and is f Read More