all is full of love
Web design for all is full of love 2012 - a project of PUNKT and Denitsa Boyadzhieva. 
A project about the life of 212 calendars.

The Calendar

With the new year fast approaching, PUNKT and Denitsa Boyadzhieva have collaborated again to produce another keepsake of a calendar, filled with her handmade illustrations.

For 2012 they made 212 of these calendars. And each one brings a friend with it - a unique handmade ceramic fridge magnet. You can see them now, from the skies to the poles, in the mountains and in the sea, a colourful world hiding underneath a grey facade, waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is like a grey friend and bring it home along with the calendar, so it can reveal its colourful character. And so that everyone can see its new place - you can publish pictures of where it lives and write a message for the friends all over the world, to share your new found joy.
...and its friends