Photos I've Taken
In this fashion shot I wanted to create a strong highlight to draw attention to the model’s unique hair style. Her downturned expression shows off her gold eyelids, and red lips.
This model in this photo is a professional breakdancer. The lighting I crafted for this shoot creates the effect of a spotlight on the dance floor, singling out the lone dancer.
This portrait creates a soft feminine look with an oatmeal color.
This portrait was taken in a studio using a “piggyback” lighting method. I captured a moment that shows the model’s personality. In its final form the image became black and white because color took away from the quality of the light, and the composition.
In these headshots I captured two different personalities then applied a black and silver post production effect to them. I wanted to give the shots a classy sharp slightly cold feeling.
Sarah, the model in this photo, was just starting a job as a fine art model. We took many full body shots but struggled to get a headshot we were satisfied with.
This skilled dancer appears weightless in the 1/125th of a second I captured. This photo was part of a set taken of the members of the New Moves Dancers, who use the photos for promotional purposes.
A fashion portrait with glowing red hair, captured at a casual angle.
Two different paths into the distance. Contrasting nature with man-made. Both taken in Lucerne Valley.
A product shot of a handle of Jim Bean Whiskey.
Two figures walk towards a field. In the background an amazing view across the bay.