PANTONE Campaign
In this project I designed a new campaign based around a series of posters, a mailer, and a microsite celebrating PANTONE’s dominance in the practical arts industry as the standard for color fidelity, proofing, and reproduction. The campaign is geared toward PANTONE’s market; designers. The tag line for the campaign is “Because the world isn’t black and white.” I focused on the target market and used PANTONE’s customers in the campaign itself. I wanted to show that the customers, with help from PANTONE, are responsible for coloring the world.
The posters I created show an image of a diverse group of designers each wearing a different color shirt with the PANTONE logo on it. Each poster highlights a designer with their name, a one or two sentence blurb, and their PANTONE color. The viewers of this poster are proud to belong to this group of professionals, and could easily be standing beside one of them in the shot.

The posters have been staged in environmental installations. They were placed in several highly visible areas with heavy commuter traffic of designers and other working professionals.
In the campaign I designed, each person on the mailing list will receive a one of a kind brightly colored shirt with a PANTONE logo like the ones featured in the posters. No two people will receive the same color shirt. When all the shirts are together they will represent the full color spectrum. Removing the shirt from the tray reveals a color swatch with the name of the color so that the recipient knows what color they have received. This is important to remember when the user inputs their information on the microsite. The QR code also contains a link to the website.
The website is an interactive version of the poster where the visitor can browse the many customers of PANTONE. As the visitor browses through the people on the site their profile will come up, as well as the color they are wearing. This proves a unique way for the users to look through colors and other working professionals who use PANTONE simultaneously.
Recipients of the mailer will be prompted to click the upload button where they will be taken to a forms page requesting the input of basic information, a brief summary of what they do, the color PANTONE shirt they received, and most importantly a photo of them wearing their shirt. After completing the form they will be added into line of designers for other users to see and discover.
As the number of recipients who upload their photo grows, the full PANTONE spectrum will appear. Eventually every shade will be present, each represented by one of the recipients of the mailer.