The Elevator
Personal project based on the side story in "Avengers - Age of Ultron".
Who is worthy to reign over Asgard?
"The Elevator" is a fake and funny communication project about an absurd collateral movie. This project has been made to test multiple media interactions: 3D, video and digital photography. So, it has been a good challenge to test and improve the collaboration between many artists.
Original Idea: Steve Rogers  :)
Elevator photography: Andrea Passerini 
Post-production: Stopdown Studio
Graphic design and Video Teaser: Nicola Napoli (Wicked Studios)
Our team is based in "Sokovia", originally known as "Aosta Valley", where a big part of the movie was shooted.
The first concept was made in full CGI to have an idea of spaces, lights, lookdev and for the right location research.
We lately rendered and used the 3D hammer for the final project image, rebuilding the lighting set and cameras based on the real location.
3D made in The Foundry MODO, post-production in Adobe Photoshop.
The first concept image:
Compositing post-production process:
Backstage Elevator Shooting by Andrea Passerini:
The Elevator