Cândidos is a family company that has been born almost 70 years ago by the hands of its founder, Mr. João Cândido Ferreira. Through the years, the company has built an unique legacy established on high quality standards of manufacturing suits for men. With a strong emphasis in details and rigour the company grew based in a trustworthy relationship with its customers.
Nowadays, the company is led by the 3th generation of its founder and his grandchildren want to lead Cândidos to a step forward in the manufacture of clothing for women and men. Each product is conceived in a tailor-made basis which satisfies the preferences of the client. This kind of personalized service allows the creation of exclusive pieces of garment focusing on the best solution. In this way the new visual identity Cândidos combines the company values like the history of its name, which means meticulousness and quality, with a new and fresh position of a company that is renovating itself.
The new identity is unique, focusing on minimalism with a strong feeling of quality and grace. The main strategy is to create a visual uniformity based on a monogram, a custom type for the wordmark, several graphic patterns, images and a slogan that defines the message of the brand. The monogram has an optical illusion based on Escher’s work that represents the family legacy and its simplicity allows an easier recognition of the brand in several applications. The custom type created for the wordmark is a bit condensed with modern proportions that reveals elegant and refined details. The overall design evokes a solid visual identity that recalls this truly legacy achieved throughout the years.
A – LEONARDO FIBONACCI *c.1170 †c.1250
In the Fibonacci Sequence each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Fibonacci Sequence can be appliable to the growth of every living thing.
When a tree is sliced it’s possible to find several circles that are known by growth rings.
One of the most important characteristics in Escher’s work is the game of optical illusions that he creates with his images. 
The grid is designed through Fibonacci Sequence.
The growth rings in trees are the inspiration to design brand initials Cândidos. 
The main idea is to get the company values like its history, authenticity and longevity.
The monogram is inspired in Escher’s work.
We can see an optical illusion that help us to find out the initial of the brand – the letter C – in different ways.
1. Condensed proportions
2. High contrast
3. Organic/calligraphic serif inspiration
4. Vertical modulation
5. Humanist details


Cândidos is a family company that has been born almost 70 years ago by the hands of its founder, Mr. João Cândidos Ferreira. Through the years, t Read More


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