We've moved to Shanghai 4 month ago. Since then people keep asking me what kind of projects I'm working on in China. Here are some of works I did for republic during those 4 months.
Republic 2012 reel intro
First I started with search for concept. To help things going I did some very quick motion tests to see what's working and what's not.
As you can see i've tried several different approaches, but my boss said none of them represents what Republic really is. So we decided to go different way and design an illustrative representation of our "R" first. This is where I came up with my "R" design:
Next step was to recreate it in 3d and animate it. 
Nothing too complicated, nice and clean intro. The "2012" font was of course temporary.

Republic new website
Well, more like random early sketches, very very far from any kind of final design, only directions to try. The main idea was to make it as simple as possible.
Here are some scary tests I photoshopped for Loreal to help them to feel extreme versions of possible approaches. Of course those were not used in final product but this work really helped us to find right direction and overall color scheme.

E! Movie Awards
Those are more or less close to final result:
And those are really quick sketches of some possible ideas:
Couple of "super-hero" styleframe goodies for KFC (including pixel cloud eating noodles) and simple After Effects animation. Not very beautiful but reflects local specificity very well.
The Magic Door
Shanghai TV asked us to create opening for new magic show. I did some quick sketching:
They liked overal direction but it turned out there will be 5 magicians hosting this show so we must use their faces whatever it takes. So I found photo of each magician over internet and created those styleframes:
They liked it a lot but 1 day before shooting they changed their mind and requested white background. So I did some more styleframing:
For a doves scene they promised to get us high speed camera to shoot slo-mo doves, but 5 minutes before shooting they told us there is no high-speed camera. So we took photos of dove right on stage and I faked slo-mo in after effects cutting each dove in pieces and animating manually. So each one of those animations created from just one photo:
I directed the shooting process, studio was booked for only 4 hours (we planned 2 days but oh well...) so we had 4 hours to shoot 5 artists (around 30 scenes in total), dove and soap bubbles. After that I composed and animated the whole thing myself in next 5 days. Here is one of first versions: (still no final logo tho)
And title plate animation:
The idea was to animate banner they gave us and also use elements from this banner to create animated background to use it as footage for on-stage screen used in commercial. So I did not designed anything here, only animated it.
So I took elements from banner they gave us and did this trippy thing:
I did some early styleframing and motion tests for the project.
During those 4 month I also had pleasure to work  with Nilsen, Good Year, Bloomberg, Buick and Honda, but those works are either too early to show yet or it is just too big to publish here. Anyway this project is already way bigger than I originally planned, so I guess that's will be it for now, thank you so much for watching and taking interest in my work. Please do come back soon for new stuff.