​​​​​​​Below is a portfolio of more than four dozen live or archived websites (latter using Wayback Machine). These were designed, written, built, or managed since the mid 1990s. It starts with current and recent websites first. Once you've clicked a link, simply use the back arrow to return to the list.

I've been responsible for over 400 websites since 2017 alone.

The Webbys recognized Pfizer as winner of their "Outstanding Pharmaceutical Website" category.

The program was initiated in 1996 by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). The ceremony recognizes excellence on the internet including websites, interactive advertising, online film/video, and mobile content. 16 areas of expertise are recognized across 68 industries. Townsend was recognized for “Outstanding Pharmaceutical Website” for his work in support of Pfizer’s Animal Health division (2005).
Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) recognized Latista for excellence in graphical user interface (GUI).

The Innovator Awards program was initiated in 2013 to recognize groundbreaking, influential, regional companies and technologies who have had a significant impact with customers. Nominees may be companies of any size serving clients in the federal and/or commercial sectors. Five finalists and one winner are named across four categories: Agile Systems Development, Cloud, Cyber, and Mobility. All are celebrated at the TechCelebration annual banquet. Townsend was recognized as part of the Latista Technologies team in the Mobility category. He designed desktop, tablet, and smartphone user interfaces for the company’s productivity software (2012-15).
Home Page for Latista Technologies
Video Lightbox for Latista
Branded Facebook page for Latista
iPad App Screen for Latista
American Marketing Association recognized Mint Fitness with their M Award.

The M Award program was initiated in 2002 to recognize marketers and campaigns that demonstrate solid strategy, brilliant innovation and positive return on investment. Awards include best-in-class marketing in the areas of corporate identity, campaigns, direct marketing, marketing research, collateral, promotions, public relations, investor relations, advertising and multimedia. Townsend was recognized for his work in support for Mint Fitness (2005).
Home Page for NOVA BCA Pool League
Web-based Scoring App for NOVA BCA Pool League
Home Page for Go Booklets (publishing imprint)
Free Downloads Page for Go Booklets
Home Page for Tabula Raisa (early childhood learning system) — product recognized for excellence by Kickstarter
Home Page for Ripson Group (Emmy award-winning public relations firm)
Portal Page to multiple websites
Home Page for Glimpse Digital (award-winning marketing services)
Home Page for Pure Pasty Co, (award-winning bakery and restaurant)
Home Page for The Shay (award-winning apartment complex)
Home Page for Crystal Towers (award-winning apartment complex)
Home Page for The Cochran (apartment complex)
Neighborhood Page for The Cochran (apartment complex)
Home Page for Artena (apartment complex)
Home Page for Large Public Power Council (LPPC, an association)
Home Page for Core Auto Tag and Title Services
Home Page for Kremer Veterinary Services
Home Page for Rorschach Theatre (award-winning theatrical production company)
Home Page for Ashton Nolley (award-winning commercial jingle writer)
Home Page for CarterSmith Marketing Services
Home Page for Navy Federal Credit Union
Product Page for Navy Federal Credit Union
Product Page for Navy Federal Credit Union
Home Page for Gacovino Lake (national law firm)
Home Page for Persist (contact management software)
Home Page for TerraScape (home improvement contractor)
Home Page for Aquclimb (climbing wall manufacturer)
Dealer Page for Aquclimb (climbing wall manufacturer)
Home Page for Center for Audio Engineering (recording studio school)
Home Page for Diana the Violinist (renowned musician and teacher)
Home Page for Game Ready Gear (apparel company)


Portfolio of website screenshots and media from Eric S. Townsend.

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