I've been working on this great project 'Capsule Collection of Clothing with unique Prints' for more than a year. I have not started from the scratch due to the fact that i have already had a lot of ideas, sketches and drawings which had been created throughout my artistic career. I was so happy to combine my drawing & illustration skills and fashion background to create the concept of Land Kay and artistic product you could see below.

Brand Values:
The diamond is the symbol of Land Kay. “Diamonds are forever” - they are eternal, they are beyond any trends or seasons. They carry a mark of quality and are the epitome of classical beauty. 

Debut Collection called Honey Honey - the sweet nectar made by bees and also the name we affectionately give to our loved ones. Shimmering silk with a kaleidoscope of patterns fashioned from precious stones, among which small bees and floral motifs are hidden, as well as delicate peonies, which seem to blend in to the translucent georgette.

Process & product:
All prints are absolutely exclusive and drawn with watercolor, then transferred onto silk and cotton fabrics with a help of digital printing. Digital printing is the only (but also time-consuming and complicated) process which could reflect all colors and shadows as drawn with watercolor. We are using silk satin and georgette - a blend of silk and cotton for our collections. Our product line includes silk dresses, skirts and tops, but we also are offering more casual items - such as cotton dresses and T-shirts.
Slow down the usual intense living rhythm and enjoy life by surrounding yourself with
beautiful things which can create a special atmosphere & mood...
Style & Dresses: Land Kay
Video: Mont Videography
Music: Nouvelle Vague, A Forest (The Cure cover)
Cast: Margarita Sinitsina
As a Creative Director and Textile Print Designer of Land Kay, I want to thank all members of the team for their passion, patience and love they invested in our collaboration:
Irina Lukyanova (PR), Yaroslava Gerfanova (Technical Fashion Designer), Ivana Mynaříková, Konstantin Luzan (photo),
Julia Letova (photo), Nataliya Korostina (video), Natalya Ivanova (make-up), Marina Anayko (web developer), Maria Denisova (photo) 
Models: Margarita Sinitsina, Magda Karásková, Dina Deeva.

Meanwhile we are looking for Ambassadors for Land Kay Brand worldwide to spread our love to Watercolor and Ecofriendly Slow Fashion. If you are interested or know anyone who could be interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at commercial@landkay.com

I hope you will enjoy our creations, especially from esthetic and artistic point of view.

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Thanks for watching!
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Capsule Collection Honey Honey