A Cultural Projective - Benetton Live Windows Project
Benetton Live Windows
A Cultural Projective - Ed Dingli

This was a Benetton Live Windows project. Benetton Live Windows are massive video walls that are currently in place in Benetton shop windows around the world, including Milan, Munich and soon London and Paris.

Inkblots, feathers, horses, Luciano Pavarotti. All of these and more are jumbled together in this animation for Benetton Live Windows. Rorschach developed a psychological projective test which involved inkblots. It was found that if looked at deeply enough, the inkblots would evoke emotion. This animation, however, is not meant to evoke any deep emotions. It is meant to communicate a sense of pride and patriotism in Benetton’s home, remind high street consumers that there are things to be proud of in these difficult economic times, inspire them to follow their own heritage and culture.

My animation is inspired from important events in the Italian cultural calendar, such as La Scala, Il Palio di Siena and the Venice carnival. 
Preview of what my animation would look like at the Benetton Milan store
Moodboards for the two ideas I presented to Benetton for the project
Inspiration board for my animation
Storyboards of my final animation