The «GREGORY» company, that has been producing men's and women's clothing for the Russian market for over 15 years,
decided to completely change the style of the produced clothes, focusing on a more young and active target audience.
Since that moment, the seller offered to customers qualified and modern clothes of the street, sport and smart casual style.
Significant changes in the company's strategy demanded changes of the brand style. One of the core values of the renewed brand was its origin – clothes styled and designed in England by British designers. However, this England had to be familiar, close and understandable to the new Russian customer.
So new brand logo and a set of printed products used in the design of goods and outlets had to be developed. By me were designed and offered to the company several variants of brand logo. As the final variant was chosen the letter-«G»-based logo, and for the complex of printing materials were chosen easily recognizable images.