As mentioned in my other Assisted Projects post, my earlier time as a Production Illustrator at Multimedia Games had me jumping around helping out on many games and working alongside some really talented co-workers. Here are a couple of more projects where I played a small to medium role on the final outcomes!
Good Luck Charm
Main Artist: Marv Riley
Art Director: Michael Conway
My Contributions: Concepting, Background art and animations for Free Spin Bonus and Night Sky screens, Animations for Wild, Free Spin, and Bonus symbols, Design and animation for Lucky Ladybug Feature, UI for the picking bonus, Transition animations for bonus screens, and a few miscellaneous other animations that didn't involve 3d art.
Main Artist: Adrian Boggart
Art Director: Joel Shively
My Contributions: Background art for both day and night versions, Top screen title animation, Fish Kite and Drum symbol animations, Outro from the freespin bonus animation, particles, and background environmental animations.
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