Brand Equity represents an array of 13 leading Italian furniture and lifestyle brands. It was launched in 2014 with branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Brand Equity products include: Italian lifestyle furniture, bedding and home couture, bathrooms and accessories. kitchens, wardrobes and storage systems, doors and glass systems.
The logo symbol 'B' on 'BE' is the number '13', a subtle and clever nod to the 13 brands within Brand Equity. The font used is  modern, beautiful and timeless - the same things to describe lifestyle furniture from Italy. 
Business Cards
Brand Equity Website. Because there are 13 brands featured in the website, the use of minimal, neutral colours (black and grey) was employed to provide cohesion with all the brands. Large images of each brand were used to really focus on the products. 
Ads. Design Anthology Magazine is Asia’s new quarterly magazine for interior design and more. Brand Equity frequently publishes ads in this publication for its clean, sophisticated, editorial style.
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