Norges Sildesalgslag — Annual report
By exploring the visual language behind telling stories and myths
compared to the truth and facts, the annual report for Norges Sildesalgslag
was designed to make the difference between myths and facts really stand out. 
We based the design on the simple visual play on right and wrong.
Text set upside down, and folded pages makes the wrongs (the myths) stand out,
while the truth (the facts) are presented in a more calm and efficient way. 
The whole annual report is printed with a neon orange to both symbolize attention at sea,
and also the everyday oilskins fishermen wear. 
Client: Norges Sildesalgslag
Made at Karlsens
Art Direction: Stine Karlsen 
Production: Heidi Fjell
Design: Ragne Balteskard
Edition: 300 hand folded
Myths and facts — Annual report