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    Sketches of awesome beings along with memorable quotes.
"Thing is, hope is for sissies."- ( From TV series "House".)
-Dr. Gregory House AKA Hugh Laurie.
"In chess, the pawns go first."- ( From the movie "Xmen: The Last Stand".)
-Eric Lensherr/ Magneto AKA Ian McKallen
“Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome...
...I'm your bro—I'm Broda!” ( From TV series "How I Met Your Mother")-Barney Stinson AKA Neil Patrick Harris.
"It's cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud."- ( From TV series "The Vampire Diaries".)
-Damon Salvatore AKA Ian Somerhalder.
"They want to cure us but I say WE ARE THE CURE."- (From movie "XMen III: The last stand".)
-Eric Lensherr/ Magneto AKA Ian McKallen
( From the movie "Tron" 1982.)- Kevin Flynn AKA Jeff Bridges. 
"I'm no more than another stolen relic? Locked up here, until you might have use of me?"
- ( From the movie "Thor".)-Loki, God Of Mischief AKA Tom Hiddleston.
"Peace was never an option."- ( From movie "Xmen First Class".)-Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto AKA Michael fassbender
"I believe that true focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity." -(From movie "Xmen First Class".)-Prof Charles Xavier AKA James McAvoy.
"Go fuck yourself." -(From X Men First Class) -Logan/ Wolverine AKA Hugh Jackman.
Travis Barker, drummer of Blink 182
Mr Bean AKA Rowan Atkinson.
"Secrets are a virtual prerequisite in this house, don't you think?" -Alfred AKA Michael Caine
James Bond 007 AKA Sean Connery.
"Big Man In a Suit Of Armour. Take That Away - What Are You?"
-( From the upcoming movie "The Avengers".)
-Captain America AKA Chris Evans.
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