Vintage Muskle
Hand cut and painted wooden art toys
Vintage Muskle
Vintage Muskle is a hand crafted, hand painted and beautifully designed wood toy car collection. These toy cars are created from white oak wood and painted with acrylics, aerosol paint and paint markers. Not only these toys make great gifts for your kids that can also be customized with their names and favorite colors, but also make great art pieces to go on any shelf in any room. Each one of these limited number of art toys are numbered and signed by the artist. They are also one of a kind conversational piece that would be great on your work desk.
From the artist
“My love and passion for cars, especially American Vintage Muscle Cars has inspired me to create these crazy stylized wooden art toys.When I’m not in the garage wrenching on my 69 Camaro, I am in the studio creating these limited number of toys to share with kids and adults alike. Your parents grew up with these old school pull toys, and now is your chance to introduce them to your kids. The best toys for your kids are always the simple ones that are safe and fun to play with. So, mom and dad turn off that TV and those video games and let your kids discover the imaginary world of playtime.
Title: Vintage Muskle-32 Ford
Medium: Hand painted and hand cut white oak wood with wheels.
Size:L "9.25 x H 5" x W .75"
Description: This item has been hand cut using a band saw, hand painted with acrylics and oil based paints on both sides, then clear coated for lasting protection.
Your item may not look exactly as the sample picture because they are all hand made.
To order your customized Vintage Muskle, or if you have any questions about me and my art email me at
These ART toys are hand crafted and painted, and might get damaged if not handled with care. For children 5 and up.
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