The American Gin has been communicating American Originality for years through magazines and billboards, in a vintage style, a throwback to the 1950´s. Once the Seagram´s Gin brand image was consolidated, it was time to give a meaning to the brand positioning by giving names to the truly original Americans – who in the 1950´s gave form to modernity: Diana Vreeland, Charles & Ray Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright and Raymond Loewy.
The aim of the American Portraits project is to give everyone the chance to find out more about these iconic characters. By finding out about their lives and work it´s inevitable that we reconsider our way of seeing the world and understanding why the design of objects that surround us have the shapes they do or why the buildings and cities we live in are like they are. We believe that today, just like in the 1950´s, we´re going through a process of constant redefinition of industry and our own society, which needs to look back to find sources of inspiration. As the motor of change is always in origin and creativity, the visionary capacity of all these well known people could serve as a guide to reinvent ourselves.
Case Study
Óscar Mariné on Raymond Loewy
Raquel Pelta on Diana Vreeland
Diego Manrique on The Eames
Pedro Feduchi on Frank Lloyd Wright


Silver Prize in Branded Content at Inspirational '14
Spanish Advertising Annual 2015 (CdeC)
Meet the team:
Entered by: Arena Media
Account team: Javier González, Mónica Iriarte, Vanessa Trujillo
Multimedia development: Laura Ramos, Julio Jiménez
Creative Strategy: Alfonso González, Íñigo de Luis
Project management: Íñigo de Luis
Art direction: Antonio Gamboa
Design: Antonio Gamboa
Illustration: Antonio Gamboa
Editing: Enrique Ortega, Marta Darriba, Lidia González
Animation: Mario García, El Chico de los Recados
Approved by: Friedrich Walliczek, Samira Abdo
Brand: Seagram's
Client: Osborne
Agency: Arena Media
Seagram's Gin Presents American Portraits