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    Branding, livery design and editorial design for Lotus
The Exos Experience
Lotus 125
At the heart of the Exos Experience is the Lotus 125. To all intents and purposes a contemporary Formula 1 car with a Cosworth V8 'detuned' to 640hp for durability and a chassis widened for 'comfort'. And whilst the common thinking was that the car should arrive in California in Lotus' traditional racing colours of green and yellow we thought differently. Having had the Exosphere concept approved by the CEO, it was vital that every aspect of the launch resonated with the same message - and equally important - did not confuse new customers with an age-old message. The T125 was an all new concept and should not borrow from the past.
The Lotus 125 livery
On, a large format, limited editon prospectus inviting a few interested parties to look further and the other, a condensed version aimed at the curious and passionate Lotus enthusiast. Both relied on the same design philiosophy and technics and seemed to thrill people in California, Chicago, Bahrain and Europe.
Print detail
The prospectus and the 125