Kaliningrad region is the westernmost point of Russia, is known as beautiful, modern and rapidly developing region which center is the city of Kaliningrad.
In former times this area was the part of East Prussia, so now unique heritage of the past intertwines with the history and culture of the present, where architectural contrasts are replaced by the unique nature and the rhythm of our time.
Kaliningrad designers have developed the project called JOIN KALININGRAD to draw attention to the region and to show its uniqueness and diversity.
The goal of designers was to create a vivid image that will be as simple and definite as I♥NY or IAMSTERDAM. By communication and souvenirs this graphics solution should remind tourists and citizens of happy moments spent here. JOIN KALININGRAD is a call to join the best region of the Earth!
Identity and basic communication part of the project are made in minimalist style, based on the combination of colors, descriptive phrases and a couple of letters «IN» in the name of the city, which together uncover the emotional content of the region. Due to the variety of messages that can be used in the communication, the project comes out very individual because everyone can find here something of their own: history, nature, good people, new friends, the Baltic Sea and so on.

Join Kaliningrad