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    I would like to share my characters design.
Keng-Fu Chu, better known as Fu, is a multiple-disciplinary artist from Taiwan. He majored in industrial design and taught himself web design in college. After graduating from school, he established his own design studio where he engaged in interactive web design and illustration design. Fu's work has been featured in Illustration Now -- the top 150 illustrators -  and web design magazines in Taiwan, Korea, America, Germany and the United Kingdom
In 2006, a serious illness took away half of Fu's hearing and temporarily forced him to stop his design and illustration work. After radiation surgery (gamma knife), Fu suffered from an even more painful condition, Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). The severe facial pain caused by TN ruined Fu's daily life and tested his faith. As an attempt to distract himself from the pain, Fu returned to his art and began creating robot sculptures. Instead of using art to release the pain and fury, Fu learnt how to face the pain and live with it through creating his art. Fu's robots are full of happiness, joy and energy. They are stylish, cute and colorful and strongly reflect Fu's passion for life. From Taiwan to New York, Fu wants to use his story to encourage people to overcome their difficulties through art, as well as find hope through his cheerful robots.
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I am currently looking for opportunities includes:
1. Exhibition
2. Publication
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Other cooperative opportunities
If you are interested in his project, please free feel to contact him at:

You can also find Fu’s work on:
Fu-design.com www.fu-design.com
Fu-design Store store.fu-design.com
ROBOT 99 (iPad/Iphone multitouch family game) www.robot99.com