Interactive Wedding Invite - CLIO Awards Shortlist 2012
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    A brief was given to me to create an interactive wedding invitation that narrates a story of how two polar opposites meet and fall in love.
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A brief was given to me to create an interactive wedding invitation that narrates a story of how two polar opposites meet and fall in love. One should be African and the other was up to me. I decided to mesh the minimal east with west. Anna Wintour - Editor in chief at Vogue meets Mfume Vumba - A Massai warrior from the heart of the Serengeti.
This is their story:

Love at first sight, lifted higher with a Tweet (#romance) 

Anna & Mfume. A fashionable match that blossomed in cyberspace heaven. The vast match between East & West. (#jetsetters!)

Anna - A lady lost in and amongst the superficiality of the NYC fashion industry. It really is true to say that it is lonely at the top. (#sadface)

Mfume - Head of one of the last few remaining Masai warrior tribes. In search of a lost soul that he can nurture & inspire. The Masai women just want his status. (#yearning)

Mfume's tribe was kitted out with technology thanks to American Express's Project (RED) foundation. (the development of native African tribes, founded by the CondeNast group) (#bitchesbelucky!)

CondeNast sent AW on a mission to Tanzania to see one of the tribes, as well as search for inspiration for the African inspired 2010 September issue. 

It truly was love at first sight. Mfume was the only one to see past the shades of her Chanel Sunglasses and really discover the embracing and softer side of AW. (#AWWWWW!)

He could see that AW is much more than just a stern-faced lady with a penchant for Manolo sling backs and Oscar de la Renta cocktail dresses.

Anna was encapsulated & impressed by his sinewy musculature, sun-fired ebony skin and beaded body art. She was also passionate about his large sense of humility and passion for life. (#DEEP)

The relationship blossomed with trips back and forth, where Mfume participated in many Masai inspired fashion shows set up by AW & He proceeded to become the new face of mens fashion in NYC. (#JEALOUS!)

While they were apart, the relationship unfolded on Twitter. One place where they could bare their feelings for the world to see. (#TWomance)

When returning to Tanzania, AW was embraced by Mfume's troop of warriors, she was even awarded her with the beaded fertility vase of the Masai tribe. (#OMG)
Their love was intense, passionate and real, unique enough to be the mashup of the Serengeti sunlight and the Manhattan moonshine. 

Their relationship fueled by the juxtaposition of their intensely different cultures mixed with their intense love for good fabric and thread count. 

Their new life together will be like a yin and yang held together by the powdered red pigment that formed the inspiration for all the designers at the 2011's NYFW. 

Living the ultra contemporary & minimal NYC lifestyle mixed with the eccentricity of the  Mfume's tribal ways, forming a life as beautifully complicated as the Masai patterns.