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KLAÜFNSCHULTZ™ - Branding & Product Design

Bespoke Furniture Branding

A stern yet unbelievably comfortable lounge chair that balances function and an avant-garde form factor.

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Humble beginnings
A Dream of Two Brothers

This is the story of the swiss orphan twin-brothers Bäni and Joar, and their passion for meticulously created furniture.

Growing up inside one of Switzerland's darkest forests, the siblings developed a fine affinity to carpentry which they developed to perfection, and later founded the Klaüfnschultz™ Werkstatt in early Autumn of 1905. They built many pieces of furniture in their long career, yet their pièce de résistance was the aptly named 'Roter Stuhl' which they originally built out of Birch. Their original design was slightly altered at a later date and is now regarded to be the Klaüfnschultz™ iconic lounge-chair.

K is for...
A Letterform that inspired the Icon

The Klaüfnschultz™ identity is based on the letter K, whose form represents the profile of the signature company chair design. In its simple form, the parameters of the mark are tweaked slightly to maximise clarity and performance on all digital devices. Like the paperclip that inspired it, the nurbs that create the Klaüfnschultz™ mark bend and tighten according to the required function and platform.

Please, have a seat.
The Pride of the Werkstatt

Coated in hard-wearing Swiss-Red Enamel, the frame is as sturdy as they get. Seating is produced using stiff polyurethane, and upholstered using fabric that is composed of a mixture of 85% Wool and 15% Rayon. Upholstery is removable, but only suitable for dry-cleaning. Hydrophobic treatment has been applied to the fabric, making it virtually impermeable.

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KLAÜFNSCHULTZ™ - Branding & Product Design

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KLAÜFNSCHULTZ™ - Branding & Product Design

A stern yet unbelievably comfortable lounge chair that balances function and and avant-garde form factor. design, designer, graphic, graphic des Read More