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    In japanese culture oni masks were used as protection charms.
When I finished my ukiyo-e illustrations in 2011 I kept this kind of japanese style for a while, and came up with this idea of making a charm. I saw that "Om" t-shirts were kind of popular, I read about it, and went back to find something in the japanese culture that I could draw, That's when I saw an old ritual where people use demons masks to scare demons actually, so, I fell in love with the mask of "Daiki-jin" demon god, and worked on the design :). 
My idea here is, Daiki jin the demon God is a charm to scare demons away from its user.
Spiritual, Charms, Protection
This was a quick design for an office activity.
The team organising asked for a t'shirt design. I wanted to draw Archer style, and one of the members sent a video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with his nunchaku (amazing) from there I just took a photo and draw it, I added the other "weapon" our office logo, then I remembered his famous phrase "flow like water" and in this scenary, twisting a little bit his wise words jeje, I got "you got served like water". 
But we wanted something else, that's when Adal (one of the members behind the planning of the games) asked for a nemesis, and Chuck Norris was the most natural choice, because in Tijuana for a while he was a sensation on internet along with other old action movie stars.
They look great together.