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    Insekta 2.5 project. Erte aesthetics design.
Insekta 2.5
The human being is fashion. The future belongs to insects
Blacks, green, red, chrome, polished, coated with lethal thorns, dressed in a rainbow of oil.
Queens-eyed fly, females eat the groom, let him die in overnight, ancient priestesses of the cult. We observe, we are studying, from 300 thousand years walking with us covered by shadows. They are watching us, they are studying us. For more than 300 thousand years walking with us covered by shadows.
They were here before us, they will survive. Pupae, moths, mosquitoes, ticks, bees, beetles, ants. They have beautiful and perfect geometries that come to life. They waited and pondered, have opted for silence. Now the wait is over and the time has come. The human being is a fashion, the future belongs to insect.
Insekta is a collection designed by italian studio Kreativehouse.
The entire moodboard is completely inspired by the shapes of insects and their world of color. The drawings, taken from original illustrations by Cristian Grossi, were applied to different supports, to create a collection of unique products: a limited edition set of illustrated notebooks in recovered paper, a set of pins and tees.

Discover them here.