For this university brief I had to re-present the content from the book Jekyll & Hyde in a narrative way. I was not bound to any conventional format but I had to use the complete text.

For my final outcome I decided to make a book with pages that gave the impression that they were trying to escape the confines of the book casing, echoing the theme of Hyde trying to escape from the boundaries of Jekyll’s Victorian sensibilities.

I decided to shape the irregular shapes of the pages according to what effect Hyde is having on the narrative on a particular page. So when Hyde murders an M.P. the page is severely warped. However, when Utterson simply meets Hyde in then street and feels uneasy around him, the pages only deviate from the default page size by a small amount. I settled on a scale of 1-5 to determine how much to distort the pages, with 1 being no distortion if Hyde is not mentioned and 5 being the most if Hyde acts violently. The pages also allude to how Hyde’s body physically alters every time he takes the potion.