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    A group design project, student work
Light Box 1.0
Task: A group project to design a piece of chair which would be used for a particular space in Columbia College Performing art Center. Material - 0.75" Plywood/1" MDF; Only wood glue; no screws, nails and other hardware allowed.

Concept: The scene for our seat4one, the Light Box 1.0, is set in the dance studio. Its main function is to serve as seating for students and professors. Secondly, it was determined, that a necessity of a dance space is space itself. It is paramount that the design allowed for compact storage. Our solution was a form that permitted stacking.

The specific form of the Light Box 1.0 was a product of two conditions: first, it should be light, so that it is easily carried. The voids in the sides make the stool lighter through material removal and provides handles; moreover, the cutouts is used for the seat.Secondly, the voids allow interesting dynamics between the object and light. As light passes through the Light Box 1.0, or partitions made with these stools, the play-shadows and form takes on different character.

Team: Jesse Nguyen, Matthew Perez, Ruso Margishvili.Illinois Institute of Technology, Fall 2011