LIPTON YELLOW LABEL TEA | product/packaging design

A project with POTMstudios Singapore for brand giant, UNILEVER.

A redesign of Lipton Yellow Label teabags conceptualizing it into a 4-in-1 solution for tea drinking enthusiasts. A stirrer that does not compromise the well-known way of blending teabags by dipping motion; a teabag coaster that keeps your tea well-blended while maintaining a clean surrounding; and a potpurri for the wardrobes or cupboards after drying the used teabags and adding drops of scented oil to them.

Besides the redeveloped teabags, the external packaging of the new Yellow Label Tea features a minimal pictoral representation with clear and concise instructions on the back of the packaging to facilitate the new possibilities available to the tea drinking enthusiasts.

Without compromising in the original and customary 'dipping motion' of blending tea
Tea bag coaster
With scented oil added, resused tea bag serves as potpurri for wardrobes or cupboards
Exterior packaging with designed instructions for the new product
Prototype product with packaging