Personal illustration projects 2011
I started 2011 by looking for a way to improve the "cleanliness" of my drawings. 

The first step has been to trace pencil drawings with black ink pen (fine-point Bic and Faber-Castell artist pens later on), then scan the drawings in pure black-and-white 600dpi to remove the grey feel of my previous compositions.

I've also been focusing on character illustration, and working on ideas and smaller illustration rather than going for larger pieces sometime lacking in clarity.

Some of this work has been done for various competitions with few nice surprises as a result (Peculiar Bliss issue #6, Space exhibition - Cardiff Design Festival 2011, Stereohype button badge design competition 2011).
Cat hat
Clear message
Crazy alien bear
Need more
Octopus hat
Octopus libre
Oyster cart
Past time
Sheep fest
Hug love