Advertising Agency: Y&R Team Red - Istanbul
Creative Director: Ayşe Aydın
Creative Group Heads: Erkan Kaya, İlker Dağlı
Art Director: Efe Kaptanoğlu
Copywriter: Can Arabacılar
Illustrator: Nuray Güney
Director: Gözde Yetişkin / Random Works
Editor: Turgut  Erdoğan / 1000 Volt Post Production
"Write a different story"
In Eastern Turkey people have very low income.
Most families can barely provide for their basic needs let alone afford their kids’ school supplies.
Vodafone Turkey shoots over 60 TV spots in a year. That means over 120 pre-production meetings and
thousands of storyboard pages that end up in garbage. We, as Y&R Team Red Istanbul
couldn’t throw those pages away. We rebound them and turned them into coloring books and sent them to children in need.
32 different schools received the booklets. 600 kids received new coloring books.
10.800 pages came to life by children’s colorful imagination.
Team Red & Vodafone / Coloring Book Project