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    Infill apartament building in Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
JFK 46
Title: JFK 46
Client: CAdvisory GmbH
Building area: 1250 m2
Status: complete Lp1-Lp3 2013 
Location: Berlin Germany
Team: Michał Morzy
Within a late 1920 listed building block a new development is taking shape. The distinctive feature of the location stems not only from the listed housing complex but the unique characteristic of the up and-coming Neukölln district. On a footprint of no more than 200m2, the client wanted to leverage the direct accessto the building plot via a private street – a rather unusual feature in Berlin perimeter block development.
Jonas Family Kiez (JFK) was born and with it the task to fill the gap for a typical Berlin rear building that also acts as a front building of its own. Due to its intimate location that could house a new small residential building within the hart of up and-coming Neukölln. The main aim and challenge was to design a mayor example of the "Neues Bauen” style, within an otherwise historicistic-style neighborhood.
How dos one design a new modern structure for the modern life and its needs with out overpowering the heritage of the existing. Material and architectural style research where demeaned as a sensitive yet milestone act of intervention took place. Complementing the unique surroundings, whiles addressing the need to get the design approved by the building authorities as well as welcomed by the neighbors of the adjacent complex. Was one of the main guiding principles of the proses.The result was an elegant but yet light design aimed to holed a semi transparent structure that sits yet floats with in its surroundings.