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    An art book about the small dark area in the back of some gay bars/clubs
"BACK ROOM" is an art book about the small dark areas in the back of some gay bars/clubs, especially in France. These places have always fascinated me, because all the men who come in become different people: more than that, they become animals. There are no laws, no way to behave properly, no code; just a mutual respect for silence and sexual passion. Some of them come for the pleasure of the place, the excitement provoked only by the idea of being here, and some others don't have any other solution to enjoy some skin sharing with other guys, for many reasons (being straight and/or married, being too busy the rest of the time...).

The book is filled with hatches, hidden slots, red glasses, instant photos and notes, in a way to recreate and comment the mood in these places, and is stored in a bounded cardboard folder to show the taboo aspect of the topic. People know they exist, some of them go inside - more or less often, but nobody likes to honestly talk about them. I really tried to stay neutral, and analyze the place I went like it is, like an undercover journalist, without any good or bad personal judgement. I have a huge respect for places like this one and for people inside. The DIY book at the end is a deep analysis of every little thing needed to create a back room. Because some people have their own back room at home, hidden behind a book shelf or behind an old garage door. And even if you think "it's too easy", no, it's not. That's why dedicated places with dedicated people inside exist. :)

Thank you Le Trash Bar - Marseille for letting me taking photos. The personal analysis in the leather part is based on my thoughts in the different back rooms I went.

Le Trash Bar
28, Rue du Berceau