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    My entry to the Make the Rules creative contest by Evisu + Don't panic. A2 painting on plywood.
The Keeper of the Forest(Spirit of the Nature)森神
(Evisu + Don't Panic Online: Make the Rules design contest entry)

Only rules that one cannot disobey are the rules of nature. This is a painting of my interpretation of a spirit of nature, not a god or ruler, but keeper of the forest. 

I have chosen a natural plywood sheet instead of traditional canvas to express the nature theme much more. The painting is done by three water based acrylic paints, the blue (representing the color of denim) and a touch or red and white (representing evisu's most famous red/white selvedge). The painting was not coated and will age with it's years, which is a reference to the way raw denim ages.
The painting was chosen to be printed with 19 others and was exhibited on the 20th anniversary party.
(photo courtesy of Evisu)