REEBOK | InView pedometer
50mm round pedometer
This is a pedometer product we designed for REEBOK. The original idea was to create this sweet little object that felt "soothing" when you held it in your hand (like a skipping stone or massage stone).

Measuring 50mm round and 18mm thick, this is a small product designed to count your steps and calculate the distance you have traveled. It uses a 3-axis digital accelerometer (similar to the iPhone) to detect movement and has software which filters out any inadvertent movement.

The display is placed on the edge of the product, so it can be viewed simply by looking down at your waist (if using the included clip)...this also decreases some of the user's anxiety over displaying their fitness progress for all to see (which is a common issue with pedometers).

There are three colorways that were released at the initial product launch: Teal with a PP'ed scroll pattern, white with tonal PP'ed pattern and finally a Black version which features contrasting matte and gloss finishes.

Teal InView pedometer with printed tonal scroll pattern.
This is the view a user would have as they looked down at the product while wearing it on their waistband/belt.
this is the "front" view...when worn, this is the view other people would have as it is clipped to your clothing.
this is a render of the launch colorways of the REEBOK InView pedometer
the original concept was based on a skipping stone: smooth, round, slightly domed....but the extreme curve of the clear lens distorted the display. So in the end, we flattened the outer edge in order to make the lens a simple 2D curve (not a 3D complex one).
original concept was tagged with REEBOK's marketing line "Take the Gym with You"....kinda bummed the final product didn't continue this branding as i thought it worked very well for these smaller fitness products.