Healthwize Re-Design
Vitamin Packaging
For this project we were asked to re-design a visual system for the brand Healthwize. Healthwize is a vitamin supplement company. Vitamin supplements are meant to compliment and replenish vitamins that one isn't getting enough of on a daily basis. I thought of the game Tetris. The basics of Tetris is simple. You fit pieces together in the most compact way possible to score points before you run out of space. With this in mind I began to create a visual system.
To keep within a Tetris theme, the consumer opens and closes the box by sliding the cover up and down.

Using a series of die-cuts I created a infographic system where the consumer will only see the benefits pertaining to the vitamin that they are looking at but can see all the other benefits of other vitamins upon opening the box. 

 The pills themselves will of course be housed in bottles. 
Another component to this project would be a smartphone application that lets the user learn how to correctly use vitamins to fit in with their lifestyle.