MEP Computer Interface Module Test System (MEP-CIMTS)
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    This project was designed and created to help our soldiers with testing and repairing a system on the Mobile Electric Power(MEP) Generators
When I first was hired by the Department of Defense at Camp Withycombe, it was to work on generators. We would tear the generators all the way down, however to test the Computer Interface Module(CIM) we had to sent it to our electronics department. They usually got our CIM tested and ready to go in 3-5 buisness days. When I finally was moved to the electronics shop I had discovered that it took about 1 hour to Flash, and another 2 hours to fully test if the weather permitted and the test generator was working. I decided there had to be a better way so I designed and engineered this box to be able to load software and test the CIM, which now take about 5-30 minutes depending on model.
This box has the same keypad found on a MEP generator along with the ability to switch the backlight from normal to bright or off.
The power for this box is 25VDC, a long with having its own ground system to protect the internals from surges.
The USB flashdrive is loaded with a autoloader, this program flashes USB CIM models. Thereis also the serial and parallel port for plugging into a computer and beingable to send the CIM commands.
This is the internal wiring
I labeled allthe wires so that when I left this company, they would be able to repair thedevice if needed. There is also a ground lug, and wire guide system to prevent wires from getting damaged.
This is the PCI102, this transformer takes the 24VDC and changes it into the 5VDC that the CIM uses for its control modules.
Its hard to see but the J29 plug is plugged into a parallel adapter that lets me cross the parallel port the comes from the CIM and make it compatible with the computers.
This is the wiring diagram I designed, this device is covered under the open project source because the boys and girls of the military get screwed over enough by big companies, so if your on a base that test CIMs, have fun with this! Just don't forget to give me a thank you! Also contact me on my LinkedIn account if you need help with this. 

Also if your ever in Portland Oregon stop by Camp Withycombe to see the portable briefcase model, it was never completed to my full wants and desires as a touch screen computer would of been included.