40's  Fashion

Photographer: Boris Kocis
Model: Kristina Milivojev
Make-up artist: Mirjana Delić - "Studio Bellezza"
Location: Berliner Pub, Novi Sad, Serbia
Portrait and figure are one of my favorite ways of expression in photography. One day I got introduced to the fashion of the 40's, and suddenly I felt like shooting a scene that involved interesting clothes, make-up, and interior that depict that era. Of course, it was not easy to find a model that could meet my needs and portray the spirit of that period. As a photographer, I experimented with the lighting, so I ended up using a natural light so as not to be dependent on technology and get the effect I was going for. The whole session was actually a game between a model, photographer, and a make-up artist. A game where the winners are those who manage to express their creativity during the session, and I think we have succeeded.