Immortal book design
for rising communication star Erik Modig
Erik Modig is an established artist as well as a doctor and researcher at one of Europe´s leading business schools, Stockholm School of Economics. His research is published in Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Advertising and Journal of Product & Brand Management. In 2014 he dropped Snask a line, asking us to help him design his upcoming book: Control – effective Communication and the Battle for our Thoughts.
The Case
The book was released early 2015 and Modig’s design brief was: “make an immortal and timeless – yet modern classic that will never die”. In the book, Modig doesn´t launch new buzzwords or silly theories, instead he focuses on summarising what’s been said about communication over the last 3000 years; everything from rhetorics and propaganda to pr and advertisement. Modig’s conclusion is a meta model that describes all types of communication disciplines. The book design is a modern classic, carefully crafted and printed – and it´s one of those books you must read before you die.