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ADFORMATIE x Type illustration & process
ADFORMATIE x Type illustration & process
DON'T BE LAZY type illustration with my creative process
I've been invited to the Adformatie Podium to create illustration with a message to the branch.
This illustration refers to the working process as a Designer  and the necessarity of hard work.
I often find myself very motivated about a project at the beginning but get struggling towards the end.  When you see your first letters finished you tend to get lazy afterwards.
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Final artwork.
Custom type is first step.
Make a 3D effect is the second step.
Gold strikes, third step.
More gold is just more gold, forth step.
Jewelry stuff would be awesome on letters, so it is sixth step.
Yes, it works, seventh step.
OK, I miss the color, it will be last step.
As I want final artwork looks highly exaggerated.
Wallpapers will be available soon, if you want it now, drop me a message.

Thanks for watching,
ADFORMATIE x Type illustration & process