White Degree Vodka Jelly
White Degree Vodka Jelly
Packaging and Branding


White Degree represents great taste, purity and quality. They have created a pure, light vodka of exceptional clarity and smoothness which is distilled and made in New Zealand. White Degree has expanded and created a branch of vodka jelly in unique packaging designed to entertain.

This project was not about redesigning a package, but rather using an existing structure in a new way, and resurfacing it in a way that is graphically appropriate. I chose to use a typical sealant tube as a bottle for vodka jelly. This typical manly package has been turned into a premium feminine product that can be used in bars or at home to entertain using the tube gun to serve. I also used pringle tubes to create premium cylinders to package the bottles in.

The creation of 'White Degree' as a brand had a clear design direction to represent the vodka brand being pure, white and light. The design is heavily white based with clear gloss patterned cylinders and hints of colour to distinguish flavours.
White Degree Vodka Jelly