In this project I had to brand myself. I really had to think about what I loved in graphic design and after a bit of soul searching plus research I realised that my favourite graphic design style was positive and negative space manipulation in a clever way so this I what I have based my brand around.
Since I was working with positive and negative space it seemed appropriate that my logo would work with both.
I am manipulating the A and S in my name at the same time through the use of positive and negative space in my logo.
The logo grid.
Chosen font. It works really well with the Sharpe curves of my logo and with its thickness.
Business cards.
Logo embossed on 470gsm black velvet crad.
CV grid laid out.
Digital CV.
Paper CV. Printed on silk 120gsm paper and the logo embossed to keep continuity with my business cards.
All my self-promo embossed and laid out including CV, Business cards, cover letter, letterhead, envelope and small portfolio book.