Freudian Kicks
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Freudian Kicks by Freudian Kicks
Freudian Kicks is an independent design store in Oslo,Norway. The store carries a huge variety of designer labels such as Surface toAir, Stine Goya, Unconditional, Chronicles of Never, Kokon to Zai, Acne and thelist goes on, May this year the stores own brand Freudian Kicks byFreudian Kicks was released. The collection marks the beginning of a newchapter for Freudian Kicks. Freudian Kicks by Freudian Kicks is a limitedcollection, exclusively sold at Freudian Kicks from the 23rd of May. Thecollection is designed & prodused by myself, Linn Sannes Brevik & CharlotteFische, in a small studio above the store.Freudian Kicks by Freudian Kicks is a testament of theenergy, people and neighborhood that constitutes Freudian Kicks.

Click  this link to view the video from the photo shoot & catwalkshow:

Designers: Linn Sannes Brevik & Charlotte FischePhotographer: Therese Fische
Hair: Greg Morgan
Music: Tom DrageboStyling: Linn Sannes Brevik & Charlotte Fische
Models: Silje Gullowna & Didrik Hallstrøm