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    Fresh vs Rotten: a billboard made with 680 orange slices.
Ambient Media / Outdoor
Product: Glad ® Cling Wrap, clear plastic food wrap from one of the leading US brands.
Benefit: it seals easily and protects the food, helping to keep it fresh longer.
Idea: we covered an entire billboard with 680 orange slices. Some of them were wrapped with Glad® Cling Wrap, some were not. At first sight, it meant nothing. But as time went by, the color contrast between the fresh slices (wrapped) vs. the rotten slices (unwrapped) gradually unveiled a message: FRESH LONGER.

Sol de Plata (Silver at El Sol festival)
Shortlist (Cannes Festival)
Gold (Epica Awards)
Bronze (El Ojo de Iberoamérica)

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