Oyster Opening Set
This project was oriented to create a new kind of kitchen mechanical accessories, which will help people. We quizzed 23 people aged 16-65 to find out main problems and difficulties they face with during the cooking process. By this questioning we tried to find areas of improvements on which we should work on.
We've choosen a problem with opening oysters as a main one. Then we listed out a number of important issues concerning the technique of opening oysters in order to understand the requirements of the future object. Afterwards, we made up a list of criteria which was taken into account before starting generating of idea.
Here are the first draft sketches.
We devided the process of opening into 2 parts. At first, a tiny hole is made in the shell and then, a muscle of an oyster is cut using a knife. After that, we decided to set up some experiments concerning opening oysters in a new way. So, we tried to understand whether the new method of opening shells with the help of screw will work or not.
For the final concept we decided to create an oyster holder and a new oyster opening knife which will ease the process of opening shells. Due to internal silicone covering as well as top inset a shell of an oyster can be tightly fixed in the holder. Owing to double-sided mechanism of a knife a shell can be opened in to simple motions.
Techical drawings of an object.
January - February 2011