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Brand-identity «Tuskenium»

Cantina «Tuskenium» — — social network, news, events, games, TV-serials.
Tuskenium — a unique name created from the word «Tusken» (sand people from Tatooine) and the end of the Romans words «ium». Since the first part of the name — it's Cantina, it was decided to use an illustration of the cantina from Star Wars.
To create the integrity of the composition used a rounded rectangle, which can be seen in some variants of the logo film «A New Hope».

Basic color — yellow-sand, as it embodies the desert planet of Tatooine.
Additional color — black. The logo can be used on white and black background (black color then replaced by White).
Since the site contains not only official news of Star Wars, but also humorous news and pictures, and sometimes soft-ero photos, was created a slogan for the brand: 

«This place can get a little rough. Star Wars with blackjack and fan-girls.»

It echoes the quote robot Bender from the animated series Futurama: «I'm going to build my own theme park! With blackjack! And hookers!»
«Cantina Tuskenium» — one of the two Russian web-sites invited to the official festival
«Star Wars Celebration Europe II» (Essen, Germany, 2013) as intermet-media.
Brand-identity «Tuskenium»

Brand-identity «Tuskenium»

Brand-identity for project «Cantina Tuskenium». — Cantina «Tuskenium» - social network, news, events, games, TV-serials.