This week's assignment, for my Adobe Animation class, was to create a simple motion graphic using Edge Animate.  This was my first attempt at using Edge Animate.  I decided to create a new home page for my existing 4th grade web site.  I watched a few extra tutorials to learn how to insert links and how to use my Edge Animate file in Adobe Muse.
My finished project is located here:
This is a screenshot of my finished motion graphic.  The colored pencil graphic was found on Pixabay. 
I used the ease tool to make my text enter the screen, bounce back, and settle into place.  To do so I hi-lighted the text on the timeline then clicked the ease icon (step 1 above), chose "Ease In Out" (step 2), and then chose "Back" (step 3).
I wanted my text to fit between the colored pencils in my background graphic so I used the rotate tool (red arrow above) to reposition the text. Before using the rotate tool, I selected the appropriate text in the timeline.
Because I decided to make a motion graphic for my existing web site, I wanted to visitors to be able to click on text and be able to open a new web page.  I watched a few tutorials online and figured out how to do so in Edge Animate.  I'm sure that we will learn how in our next class but I wanted to know now. :-)
Step 1- I selected the appropriate text in the timeline
Step 2- I clicked on the "Open Action" icon
Step 3- I selected "Links" from the action window
Step 4- I decided to have my links open in a new window
(Continued below)
Adding links continued...
Step 5- I copied and pasted my URL in the proper spot (see green arrow)
Step 6- I clicked on the "X" to close the actions window
Once I previewed my motion graphic (File-Preview), I reliazed that my cursor was not changing when I clicked on one of the links I'd inserted.  I watched another tutorial and found the cursor options menu.  I was able to make the cursor turn into a hand when text is touched with a mouse.  
Step 1- Select appropriate text in timeline
Step 2- Click on the cursor buttom
Step 3- Choose a cursor style
This assignment was a bit intimidating because I've never used Adobe Edge Animate before and because the classes are twice a week instead of once a week.  That means that I don't have as much time to practice what I'm learning.  I am proud of myself for being able to successfully complete this project and am excited to learn more about animation. It feels good to be able to use what I've learned in my classroom.