This illustration was depicted in the section ''Terror Characters'' of the children magazine ¡elé!.
This time Zombies were the main theme.
First I made some studies on what kind of zombies I wanted to illustrate.
Then made some kind of scheme of the organization of the text and zombies over the spread. Although I don't design the section I need to manage those spaces too in order to make an illustration that can be easily managed by the designer.
Investigated some references.
Later made sketches of the characters and added some more details for me to easily vectorize the sketches.
Made some changes in one of the zombies to include a feminine character and details in the foreground.
This is when I start to vectorize: first I run a fine magenta vector line through the sketch, all over the details and parts I'm later on going to cut or hide. Then, piece by piece I add colors.
The coloring process.
Final details: shadows and other stuff I included on the characters like scratches, worms and brains.
The final product which is designed, diagrammed and drafted by Zonacuario's creative team.
¡elé! magazine #63
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